English Communication & Soft Skills

English Communication & Soft Skills
Starts from:Sat, October 16, 2021
Class Description

Available Batches: Per week 2 Faculty Lectures (only Saturday and Sunday).
Course Duration: 2 Months
The Fees/Amount once paid will not be refunded in full or part thereof or transferred or reserved for future or adjusted towards any other Courses/Subject under any circumstances.

This is MKCL’s flagship course with high quality course material which emphasizes on English Communication and blend of Soft Skills. This course offers detailed understanding and hands-on experience of not only English Communication but also about the Soft Skills.The course, English Communication Skills, helps you attain communication and language skills. It covers Speaking, Listening, Understanding, Reading and Writing skills in English, English Vocabulary, Sentence construction and Grammar, Pronunciation, Quality of communication (Fluency, Emphasis, Pace, Clarity, etc.), Voice (Intonation, Pitch, Modulation, etc.) and Non Verbal Communication.

The course also offers Soft Skills and Life Skills required for Understanding and managing self for raising personal competence, Understanding others and maintaining sound interpersonal relations through responsible communication, Achieving an enriched personal, professional and social life. It has various topics such as: Self-Awareness and Self-Management, Interpersonal Skills, Presentation Skills, Time management, Goal Setting and Decision making, Being Flexible, Workplace Ethics, Conflict Management, Positive Health (Stress Management) and Customer Relationship Management.
  •  Listening.
  •  Speaking.
  •  Conversing.
  •  Reading.
  •  Writing.
  •  Context Topics: To ensure that effective communication is attained in relevant domain/subject area.
  •  Grammar Topics: To ascertain that the learner is well versed with the language correctly.
  •  Logic and Iteration
  •  Soft Skills Topics: To understand and develop positive life skills
Learning methodology for a learner comprises of the following actions:
  •   Going through eLearning sessions.
  •   Solving activities, interactivities and exercises in eContent.
  •   Solving assignments and creating Processfolios.
  •   Read the chapters from the book.
  •   Solve activities at the end of each chapter and follow the action agenda in real life.
  •   Discuss difficulties with learning facilitator and with peers.
  •   Interact with peers and practice communication skills in English. i.e. converse in English, complete suggested group activities.
  •   Duration: 60 minutes
  •   No. of questions: 50
  •   Maximum marks: 50, Passing marks: 25 (50%).
  •   There is NO negative marking in this course.
  •   If you failed to pass certification exam in first attempt then second attempt will be available in this course.
  • Mr. Siddhesh Dongare

    MBA IT | PGD-PM | Certified Agile Project Management

    Experienced computer faculty willing to teach you anything you want to learn! I have 10 years of teaching experience. During these 10 years, I taught more than 25 courses in computer science and IT. I provide custom lessons for each student or group based...

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